Library Hours:
Closed Days

Readers should present one of the following valid identifications to gain access to the library and its collections:
1. NTCH Member Card holders: please present your member card (Elegance Card, Heirloom Card, or Treasure Card) to gain entrance.
2. Academic Researchers of Performing Arts (graduate students included): Researchers may apply for short-term Library Cards according to the subjects of their research projects. If approved after reviewed by the Library, the Card issued can be used up to three months. An individual may apply for this Library Card only once.
3. Other individuals can apply for Temporary Library Cards to gain entrance.
4. Children aged 12 and below, elders, or readers who require the assistance of others due to physical or mental disabilities should be accompanied by blood-kin, legal obligor of support, or care-taker when using services of the library. One accompanying person may be granted access to the library without a library card, but he or she is not granted access to library collections.

Academic Library Card
About the Service:
To provide researchers or graduate students with library access for short-term academic research purposes, the library accepts applications for free short-term library cards from short-term researchers or students.
Academic researchers or graduate students whose fields of studies are concerned mainly with performing arts may apply for free short-term library cards valid for up to three months, depending on the project period and needs of their research, by submitting an application form and proof provided by their institutes or departments.
How to apply:
An individual may apply only once for an Academic Library Card. Please fill out the application form and bring 2 photos and proof or summary of your research project to the library during hours of service. Holders of the academic library card may have access to the library’s book and audio-visual collections, as stipulated in the Reader Services Principles of the NTCH Performing Arts Library, but may not check out library materials.

Temporary Library Cards
1. Temporary Library Cards may be applied for with valid personal identification. Readers may present valid personal identification when entering the library in exchange for a library card. The library card should be returned upon leaving the library in return for your personal identifications.
2. Readers applying for a Temporary Library Card for the first time should fill out an “Application Form for Temporary Library Cards”.
3. The library grants ten applications for Temporary Library Cards each day, which can be applied for at the Library reference desk.
4. Should a reader fail to return the Temporary Library Card upon leaving the library or take out library collections without permission, NTCH may revoke his/her rights to apply for Temporary Library Cards.

Using a Temporary Library Card:
The Special Audio-Visual Collections Room is not open to Temporary Library Card users. Other privileges include:
1. Browsing open-stack collections, but checking-out service is not provided.
2. Using library computers for conducting searches.
3. Viewing one of the library’s audio-visual items for three hours.
4. Using the photocopy machine with pay.

Collections such as reference books, special collections, microform materials, professional journals (including bound periodicals), and government publications may only be browsed in the library. Other collections and audio-visual materials may be checked out with a Library Card, but holders of Temporary or Academic Library Cards may browse or photocopy with pay, but may not check out materials.

Borrowing Authorization
Valid Library Cards or Identifications may not be lent to others for use. Failure to comply shall result in revoke of both the borrowing and lending person’s access to the library for 2 months. Exceptions are granted to those holding a Borrowing Authorization Form.
1. The Authorizer should fill 2 copies of the Borrowing Authorization Form in detail and sign them in person.
2. The Authorization Form should be submitted to the library, and the first copy should be kept by the library.
3. When checking out materials on behalf of the Authorizer, the Authorized person should present the Authorizer’s membership card, the second copy of the Borrowing Authorization Form, and the Authorized person’s own Idenitication.
4. The Authorizer is held completely responsible for the borrowings of the Authorized Person, and may not refuse to return, compensate for, or pay overdue fees for library materials not checked out in person.
(The library should be notified immediately of any lost Library Cards/Identifications. Should failure to report lost cards result in library collections being checked out by an unauthorized user, the owner of the lost card should be responsible for returning checked-out materials or compensating for unreturned materials.)

Limits and Loan Periods are indicated as follows:
Service Time
During open hours of the Library

When borrowed books, music scores or CDs are not put on hold by other readers, holders of Treasure Cards or Heirloom Cards may renew the lend on-line, by phone, or at the reference desk before the due date. Loan periods of renewed items may be extended for 7 days, starting the day of the renewal. An item may be renewed only once. Readers with overdue materials un-returned or overdue fees unpaid may not apply for renewals.

When books or multimedia material you wish to borrow have been checked out by other readers, holders of Treasure Cards or Heirloom Cards may reserve checked-out materials on-line, by phone, or at the reference desk. When the requested item is returned, the library will notify the requester, and the requested item will be reserved for 7 days.

1. Each overdue DVD or VCD item is charged a NT$20 overdue fee per day; other overdue items are charged a NT$10 per day for each item; items overdue for over one month are charged a NT$500 penalty a piece.
2. Should a reader lose items, overdue items un-returned, or penalty fees un-paid, his/her readers’ privileges are temporarily put on hold until such items have been compensated for, returned or such fees paid.
3. Books or audio-visual materials overdue for over 2 months are considered lost.

Notes on checking out books
To provide more readers with access to library books and audio-visual materials, the same reader may not check out an item he/she has checked out within 3 days after its return.
For the preservation of resources provided by the library, the following rules are applied should checked-out books, musical scores, journals, or audio-visual materials be lost, have missing pages, be annotated, stained or damaged in other ways:
1. For publications that can be purchased, the reader responsible must purchase the original or the latest version of the lost or damaged publication, or pay the full cost of the publication as compensation; journals must be replaced with the same volume and issue.
2. For publications that can no longer be purchased (for example if a publication is out of print), the reader must pay four times the price of the original book or audio-visual material as compensation.
3. If the price of the publication is unknown, paperback books under 100 pages are charged with NT$200 for each book; paperback books with more than 100 pages are charged with NT$2 per page; hardcover books are charged twice the amount of paperback books.

Interlibrary Loan Service
Interlibrary Loan Service is offered according to the cooperative and interlibrary loan regulations of the Interlibrary Cooperation Association and have the following regulations:
1. Applicants of the Interlibrary Loan Service must be a holder of the NTCH Treasure Card, Heirloom Card, or possess a staff ID.
2. Applicants of the Interlibrary Loan Service should pay for related costs such as mail, photocopying, etc.
3. For those whose Interlibrary Loans become overdue for more than a month, the library may rescind his/her readers’ privileges in addition to enforcing penalties according to the library’s loan regulations.

1. Library computers are for readers to search our catalog and databases only. They may not be used to connect to BBS sites, log into e-mail accounts, browse pornographic sites, or play computer games, etc.
2. The library’s group viewing room provides service to three readers and the rules below must be followed.
3. When operating audio-visual equipment, readers should refer to the instructions in detail, or ask the staff members for assistance. Should materials be damaged due to improper operation of equipments, the reader responsible should pay twice the price of the damaged item as compensation; damaged equipment should be compensated at full cost for its repair or replacement.
4. The Library’s audio-visual equipment may be used to view the Library’s audio-visual collection only; for those who fail to comply despite verbal warning, readers’ privileges of NTCH Member Card holders will be suspended for 3 months, while privileges of other users will be suspended for 6 months.

Opening Hours: 9:00~20:00 Monday through Friday, 12:00~20:00 Saturdays and Sundays TEL:02-3393-9798 FAX:02-3393-9788